Secret Lynx, “Broken Rocks”

Drawing inspiration from classics like The Police and The Shins, Secret Lynx’s “Broken Rocks” is combines elements of classic rock, modern indie, and a bit of punk. The track opens with a chugging bass line that opens up to a soaring dual-guitar melodic lick that’s backed by sparkling synths and driving drum beats. Dudek’s vocals remind me of Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull, making good use of falsetto when things need to be soft before letting loose when the time is right. With just a touch of punk-y grit and chromaticism, “Broken Rocks” is a truly cohesive mix of elements that’ll appeal to listeners of all types of rock.


With a subtle combination of 70’s stoner rock, early 80’s post punk, and California pop, American Indie Rock band Secret Lynx began as a solo project of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ronnie Dudek. Inspired by the simplicity of early punk rock and post punk, Secret Lynx creates a modern style of uniquely melodic Indie Rock. The band records and releases their music on Manaloft records, an independent record label based in San Diego. With their sophomore release Feline, which is due out January 11, 2019, Secret Lynx emerge from the downtempo melancholy that permeated their 2015 self-titled debut and deliver a cavalier rebuttal to their first EP. While their new record represents an energetic shift, Feline retains the lyrical angst and emotion that has become synonymous with their sound.


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