Jay Bird “Hold On (feat Clay Agnew)”

808s four on the floor and atmospheric synthesizers support a breathy and relaxed vocal performance from Clay Agnew.  The marching snare hits 1:04 and the instrumental hook takes over and allows the listeners ears to breathe for a section.  The heartfelt vocals stretch to levels of epic proportion dynamically speaking and the vocal production skills of Jay Bird definitely don’t hurt either.  This belongs in the background of YouTube videos with people like Brett Confti or other NYC based videographers.  The production is familiar but not too familiar and when you’re listening to this everything feels as relaxed as the album artwork.  Check out Jay Bird “Hold On (feat Clay Agnew)” below!



Description: It is very common for romantic relationships to create certain pressures for one or both partners that usually revolve around a race towards a deeper commitment. Conflict arises when one half of the couple is pumping the gas while the other is slamming the breaks. No matter how strong the love and the bond is between the two, this type of situation can quickly lead to things spinning out of control. “Hold On” is a song that tells this story from the perspective of the lover who is expressing their desire to slow things down and take it easy. No one can decide for any couple what the right pace to move forward in a relationship is, but the message here is that peace and enjoyment can exist in the moment if you let go of your agenda and learn to appreciate what you already have in front of you. Jay Bird tells this story using his colorful and melodic Indie Electronic style that will resonate with fans of artists such as Kasbo, Jai Wolf, or Odesza.

Bio: California-based producer, Jay Bird, offers a mix of emotive and melodic electronic music to move both the minds and bodies of listeners. With a diverse background in music spanning between folk, indie rock, and electronic music, Jay Bird’s work has formed into his own unique, Indie Electronic style. After experiencing a Bassnectar festival a few years back, Jay Bird produced his first electronic song the next day and has continued to experiment with fusing his musical influences together ever since. The vision for his project is to make uplifting dance music that holds true to the organic feel of his folk roots. Beyond producing, Jay Bird has taken his music across the Golden State, performing in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Oakland and more.

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