VCATION “Whiskey & Cola”

It’s a familiar sounding bouncy track comparable to Milky Chance. “Whiskey & Cola” (apart from being one of my favorite drinks) is a lovely duet by VCATION ft. KLEI that presents both sides of a couples story who are reminiscing about better times with their former s/o and now they’re out all night drinking and partying it up to songs with a driving beat.  “Whiskey & Cola” instrumentation wise features programmed drums with a four on the floor and accented hi-hat upbeats.  The acoustic guitar is partially downbeat and partially syncopated which really adds to the grooviness of the tune.  Both vocal timbres compliment each other well and the ‘oohs’ in the falsetto create a nice hook for the listener to jump onto.  Check out VCATION “Whiskey & Cola” below.

FROM THE BAND ABOUT “Whiskey & Cola (ft. KLEI)”

“Whiskey & Cola” is a break-up anthem that came to life on a warm, German summer’s day.

“We hung out in Berlin for a week this summer, working with new up-and-coming talents. When we had a session with Klei, it was a crazy hot day. Luckily, there was a little shop just by the studio where they sold those ice-cold cans of pre-mixed whiskey and cola. When we got back to the studio, we literally just played around – and that playfulness led to this new track” says VCATION, and continues:

“Klei is a space child who’s got the same kind of weird humor as we have. That made the writing process really easy – and a lot of fun.”

“It’s such a classic break-up story, where you go out to the club and drown your sorrows – while you imagine the

other person feeling amazing. You imagining the other person already happy with someone else.”

The track builds itself up with Klei’s, Michel Zitron’s and John Martin’s vocals all mixed together, completed by a simple production that sounds effortlessly clean. With a focus on the acoustic guitars and the deep electronic foundation, the duo themselves describes it as a “pop track for the broken hearted”.

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