Caroline Lazar “Chicago” is a song for which I’d gladly clear my plans

A self-described “sad girl’s attempt at an optimistic love song,” Caroline Lazar’s “Chicago is the second single of her upcoming EP, “Honey.” As a Chicagoan I obviously had to give this song a go, and I’m glad I did. Bringing her own individuality to the ‘sad-girl-indie’ sound, Lazar’s songwriting bears a sort of cockeyed optimism with lyrics that read like a letter that never gets sent. “Chicago,” at its core, is a song about a broken heart that isn’t ready to let go. Lazar’s story-like lyrics will resonate with anyone who’s had a relationship leave them yearning for that one last day together, which- let’s face it- is pretty much everyone. The instrumentation is just the basics- rhythm guitar with simple bass and drum accompaniment- but the performance is dynamic and genuine, making this a perfect song to accompany your memories wherever they may wonder.


Caroline Lazar brings her raw and impassioned vocals, and intimate songwriting to the sad indie girl genre in her upcoming EP. Georgia, the first single being released, is a nostalgic song she cowrote with her producer, Reed Gaines. The song is drenched in electric guitar, and stands out with the delicate harmonies between Caroline and Reed.


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