Gleneagle, “Let You Down”- as if this band could ever let me down…

Gleneagle: a band after my own heart… Their latest single, “Let You Down,” is everything you’d want out of a modern rock track- it’s equal parts angst and fun. You’ll want to dance along to the verses, then promptly jump into the pit during the chorus. Gleneagle does an excellent job of merging punk rock energy akin to The Wonder Years and The Story So Far with a sort of dancelike joviality of classic rock. The verses are light and pristine as clean guitar arpeggios are backed by syncopated bass beats, while the chorus is a full-on rock anthem full of energy and emotion. Taken from their upcoming EP- a collection of songs exploring tales of love and loss- “Let You Down” will likely lead you to reflect a bit on your own self-actualization, but you’re still going to have one hell of a good time.


Gleneagle is a rock and roll band from Vancouver, BC.The trio has emerged with a signature style and sound, bringing distorted guitar leads and driving drums and bass akin to the likes of Attack in Black with vocal elements reminiscent of early Springsteen. While Gleneagle’s genre may be hard to pinpoint, drawing from diverse areas such as punk, alt country, alternative, and canadiana, a recurring theme is found in their thoughtful songwriting; Gleneagle’s lyrics and tone strive to inspire a sense of both endearing nostalgia and youthful hope for the future.


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