Annapurna’s “Henna” explores the softer side of rock without making any compromises

I won’t lie: I listened to this song a good 20 times before even writing about it. Self-proclaimed loud-music-players Annapurna have come together as a means of exploring their softer side, and the result is some damn good music. Their track “Henna” is a brilliantly executed blend of technical guitar leads, lush seventh chords, an above-average amount of harmonics, and an overall stripped-back indie sound that is both soothing and stirring at the same time. Straight from the opening chords that are made entirely of harmonics, you know these guys aren’t casual. Technical yet melodic lead tapping lines draw parallels to math rock groups like Chon, and the sound as a whole has a very Americana feel to it that’s befitting of a band from the fly-over states.

It only makes sense that a song as distinguishable as “Henna” should have a unique video, and that’s exactly what it got. It follows a girl living out “Henna’s” lyrical story- allowing alcohol to wash away the love and motivation from your live, until finally getting yourself to rise back up and break free. The cherry on top is really the air dancers that perform behind the band. Very cool stuff.


A background in loud music isn’t all the four members of Annapurna share: Greg Hojnacki and his bandmates (from all over the flyover states) found their home in Louisville, KY, which has served as the metaphorical and actual soil for Annapurna to cultivate their aesthetic self-actualization. After their quiet genesis as an acoustic trio in 2015, the band has fleshed out their skeleton crew with drums and are poised to drop their debut LP, “The Greater Good” in July of 2018.


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