Releaser “Taking Over”

An intense rock track that is a familiar pounding drums and wall of guitar “Taking Over” by Releaser.  The songs harmony has an interesting way of building up before the melody leads the track into what feels like a breathe of air as the drums pick up into a two and four back beat while the singer croons “feel you taking over”.  One thing I really enjoyed was the pulsing kick drums with repeatedly hit crash cymbals and fill that leads into a different beat the first and second time.  Dynamically “Taking Over” is very interesting because how stark the difference between the sections are laid out back to back.  Check it out if you’re into alternative hard rock with a brooding edge to it.


Startup four-piece Releaser has started performing ahead of their debut record. Put it on your short list. The record too.

There are certainly positives to take from traversing the Chicago rock landscape from band to band. The experience gained. Living on stage. Ever honing one’s chops. But almost every band dissolves. Not because the songs suck – that part’s up to you. No, it’s a vibe issue. The way people make stuff together. In any work – in any life. And it’s the right people and the right fit that have eluded these four guys all that time.

Until now.

Stephen, Andre, Duane and Jeremy saw in each other the pieces that had been missing. With a different atmosphere of talent and trust, a new culture revealed itself: like-minded and hardworking, where the only band leader is the song.

Releaser met and assembled with the common objective to deliver you the highest quality songwriting and live performances that their decades of collective grind and know-how could muster. The music is astute and effective. The lyrical content is honest – something too many artists have abandoned in favor of sounding important. The vocals and melodies are the reason you check out new music. These guys will have you singing in your head at work like a pro.

This is a band where you’ll be driving around and your friends ask where you found them. This is a band you’ll go to when you’ve had a few. When the going’s rough and the encore ain’t enough, this is the band. Releaser.

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