The Arcadian Wild “Silence, A Stranger”

Skillful guitar licks starts “Silence, A Stranger” by The Arcadian Wild.  The lyrics speak about not letting silence into ones life.  “Silence, A Stranger” is chill, relaxing, and while the biggest selling point is the skillful string licks the timbre of this vocalist isn’t to be overlooked.  The timbre could best be described as silky smooth while maintaining a grit of a true artist.  The layers at the beginning are brought in piece by piece that makes each new section while remaining melodically similar sound like a unique turning point.  The chorus hits at 1:20 and is powerful through the first half using loud dynamics that give way to a more vulnerable chord that descends farther back into the verse.  “Silence, A Stranger” is a lengthy 5:28 but is worth checking out if you’re into modern folk that is performed by skilled musicians.

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