Take a “Joyride” with Stereodove

Stereodove’s track “Joyride” is a serious dose of nostalgia if your an alt-rocker like myself. The chugging eighth-notes that carry throughout the song and the high-ranged vocals during the energetic chorus take me back to alt-rock groups like Armor for Sleep and The Academy Is. It takes me back to those days in 2008 when you’d watch a Yellowcard video on YouTube and then dive into the recommended videos to discover all these great rock groups of the 2000s. The accompanying music video utilizes a 360 camera to take you on a car ride with the vocalist and hang with him as he sings in a club, making it feel like half video / half performance.


Stereodove is Jason Ledesma, Scott Collins, Brian Bello, and Cameron Good. Their debut alternative album ‘Body Electric’ was released digitally in 2018 on all major streaming services and on Bandcamp for purchase. ‘Body Electric’ is a cathartic, melancholic, and eclectic collection of pop-rock songs, featuring confessional lyrics laced with black humor and dystopian metaphor, angst-ridden grunge-rock guitar noise, and polychromatic synth tones ranging from the euphoric to the utterly abrasive. Based in Long Beach, CA, the band continues to bring their devastating sound to the clubs of Southern California’s indie circuit.





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