Jayden has hit the nail on the head with “This Time”

Sometimes music is just fun. Jayden’s “This Time” is one of those times. Despite being the artist’s first release, the Italian EDM artist’s dance/pop-inspired track has gained a lot of attention in a short amount of time and carries a very mature sound (although it’s worth noting that Jayden’s identity is hidden beneath a panda head, so who knows how many times this guy’s been around the block). Regardless, “This Time” is a straightforward positive-vibes-only kind of song. Complete with string accents, catchy electric guitar riffs, and smooth vocals that fit right in with the whole production, “This Time” will get you feeling uplifted and full of energy before you grab Saturday night by the horns.


Jayden is a producer and showman that launched his first single on the 28th of December on all digital platforms and on Youtube through a very special music video. JD’s identity is hidden under a Panda which will be hard to forget. A tale that you’ll want to live in first person. Creativity, emotions and a lot of craziness in the adventure of this new player in the dance/pop international scene. The project has been around for only a few months and already accumulated 250k followers on Instagram.



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