Wildeyes’ new single shows that they’re “Crazy in the Blood”

I’ll be frank with you, dear reader (and yes, you can still be Garth). This track is a sleeper. The intro features a slightly de-tuned guitar that may make you uneasy at first, before finding its pitch as the lead vocals enter. Kohavi sings with conviction and feeling from the get-go, but you’re left with a slight feeling that Wildeyes are holding back. Mandolin and fiddles enter following the final chorus, hinting that this song is moving with more purpose and intent than you previously thought. A fiddle solo after the second chorus steps things up a bit before a massive build-up takes us to an explosive outro filled with strings, aggressive rhythm guitar, and driving drums. Only after this is all over do you finally realize the chops and ferocity on display by one of Nashville’s rising Western acts.


Deep Nashville roots; rich Western influence; a veritable fortune of experiences touring in support of a-list artists; and a non-sexy, woodshed, 1950ʼs American work-ethic have unified Daniel and Emily Kohavi and Max Hoffman to forge the marvel of Wildeyes.

A writing machine, Wildeyes has the uncanny ability to viscerally connect across generations, ideologies and genres with pure American music wandering South and West. Wildeyes performances are inimitable gifts that sonically, visually and emotionally retrieve and elevate you.




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