The Demos, “If You Only Knew” how good these fellas are..

Upbeat guitar strumming and the modest yet commanding vocals of frontman Jason Milton kick of “If You Only Knew,” this upbeat americana-meets-indie-pop track from Rochester-based The Demos takes me back to the old 97’s, those times when Jet would put out a folksy tune, and lighthearted indie acts like Joywave (it’s fitting that Joywave’s Daniel Armbruster produced this track). Pairing Americana whimsy with catchy indie-pop melodies and “oohs”, “If You Only Knew” is a feel-good production that’s bound to get you feeling a bit lighter on your feet. Infectious melodies and airtight harmonies are delivered by edgy guitars and confident vocal performances, while the background instrumental delivers a lot of energy without getting too complicated or distracting.


The Demos create a brand of power pop all their own. Lyric-centered and heavy on harmonies, their new EP If You Only Knew is a lush collection of reflections on love — the possible, present and past. The album weaves through a maze of guitars and synthesizers that propel their songs forward into a state nostalgia. The five-piece from upstate New York worked with producer and Joywave frontman, Daniel Armbruster for the four-song EP, which is available now on all streaming platforms!


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