Sara Phillips, “Six Feet Under”, all of the feels!

“Singer songwriter Sara Phillips is back with a stripped down single with all the feels.” I’d say this pitch sums it up pretty well. Continuing the tradition of releasing singles that make you desperate to know what’s coming next, Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah Phillips’ most recent track, “Six Feet Under,” is an intimate and stripped-back production that delves into the pain that we always put up with in our pursuit for love. Acoustic guitar arpreggios play like a gentle ballad while brooding piano chords seem to come straight from the depths of Phillips’ struggle. Synth strings drone softly in the background and make the listener feel like they’re floating as a reverberating electric guitar delivers sparse and tasteful melodic inserts. Phillips’ poignant lead vocals and lush harmonies are vulnerable and sung at a near-whisper as she bares her soul for those who will listen. I highly recommend that you do.


Originally from Montreal, Canada, Sara is an independent, pop/soul singer-songwriter now living in Los Angeles, California. While living in New York City for almost four years, honing her craft, performing at the city’s most storied venues, and touring across North America, Sara wrote, co-produced, and recorded her self-titled debut EP. The response to her carefully-crafted original work was overwhelming. Her popular YouTube channel began to garner more fans, and hundreds of thousands of views. Sara later released a follow-up single, the heartfelt ‘Rolling Stone’, followed by her popular single, ‘Boy Who Let Me Down’, produced by Grammy-nominated Mike Daley and Mitchell Owens. Also produced by Daley and Owens, Sara’s highly anticipated second EP, ‘Sea Change’, was released on June 28th, and continues to grow her loyal fanbase. Sara writes with an honesty and raw emotion that seems unparalleled in today’s popular music.


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