BEREL’s “Gossip & Rumor” is soul food for the modern era

Soul food is on the menu for this Thursday afternoon, and the chef is none other than San Francisco’s own BEREL. His latest single, “Gossip & Rumors” is the classsic-meets-modern fix we knew you’d be looking for during the holiday season. This song sounds to us like a straight funk tune at its core, but the influences span decades. BEREL’s vocal rhythms and use of tuning are straight from modern hip-hop & R&B. The drum kit is simple and compressed to get that 90’s hip-hop feel, the bass is just plain funky, and the guitars are soaked reverb that’ll have you dreaming of 70’s groove. This track is just plain fun, and is exactly what you need to keep the good vibes flowing as Christmas transitions to New Year’s.


Berel Alexander is a songwriter & vocalist based in the Bay Area that provides a nostalgic take on the R&B/soul genre. On the first listen, in a creamy falsetto and rich tone, BEREL entices listeners into a sound that can only be described as a gracious romance, a cooled-out version of soul, brimming with energy. The San Francisco-based R&B singer/songwriter is turning water into waves and gathering believers along the way.


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