Localles “Keith” getting you over the hump

Reminiscent of 90s alt hard rock like Stone Temple Pilots “Keith” is an unapologetic and raw track from Aussie rockers Localles.  “Keith” is about remembering to look up once in a while and to appreciate your surroundings.  “Keith” is a perfect song for your hump day because it promises the weekend is going to rock hard.  Midway through is a familiar sounding guitar solo churning out a pedal of eighth notes that will get listeners hairs on the back of their necks standing on end.

Opening with lazy vocals and feedback guitars, ‘Keith’ presents a grungier, rawer and rockier approach to their formerly established grunge-pop Localles sound. Throughout the track, the guitars wails and the drums drive the bass heavy track. All tied together with the familiar sound of lead singer Ted O’Neils vocals and comprehensive lyrical content.


– Localles is thecombined talents ofTed O’Neiland Michael Fitzgerald who have worked together for years, which you may know better as ⅔of Vasco Era.

– Debut EP Not A Contender (2017) received airplay nationally on community radio and lead single ‘Wishing Well’ was added to rotation on Double J, while Beat Magazine called single ‘Somewhere Tropical’ and ‘exotic floor-filler’.

– Localles have a raw, edge rock sound that is reminiscent of the late noughties pub-rock scene – which I assure you is a good thing!

Praise for Localles:

“Localles create esoterically grandiose pop-rock that feels warm, fuzzy and, best of all, fun.” – AAA Backstage

Localles’ live routine is starting to garner some buzz. Add some political awareness to that and they could have all the hallmarks of the next Midnight Oil. Too soon?” – Music Feeds

“The band’s music funnels frustrations and a great sense of self-awareness into almost two and a half minutes of easily digested indie pop-rock” – The AU Review

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