Drops Of Indigo “Days of Grace”

Reminiscent of acts like: Passenger, Lisa Miskovsky, First Aid Kit, and a solo Eddie Vedder.  “Days of Grace” by Drops of Indigo tells a tale of the outside world where things are quite as safe in war torn countries.  So many people watching from their TV screens as the world hurtles on through space while people are pitted against each other for whose benefit, the song asks.  The song has a chorus that hits home and turns the listener around emotionally with a dominant five chord turnaround to a minor one.

About the song

“In a yellow old house by the sea there was a message on the wall that spoke to me: You shall not be sad for the things you miss, but be happy for what you got. These words did not only save me from drowning when life hit me hard. They also reminded me of a way to happiness and to notice the magic of life at the same time as I was struggling to make a difference in the world around me ”


Welcome ❤

We are a singer/songwriter duo from Sweden. Our music and lyrics are reflections from our life journey and we find inspiration from stillness, nature and real life. We want to spread real emotions to the world through our art. Elements of folk, rock, indie pop and country can be heard in our songs.

Really nice to see you here and hope you like our music! Feel free to follow us on our other links and platforms if you want to ☺

Love from Drops Of Indigo ☯❀❄

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