Dustin Thomas is master of his domain with “The Kingdom”

I often find myself wanting to write about bands simply because they take risks. Pushing boundaries and experimenting with new material is always commendable, but often it just isn’t quite there yet. That is not the case with Dustin Thomas. His folk-meets-Hip-Hop style is executed brilliantly. Brooding drum loops are replaced by bongo drums, and beatboxing is utilized to fill in the remaining rhythmic gaps. The guitars are simple and clean, and atmospheric tones are used subtly to provide dynamics and variety. For “The Kingdom,” Thomas uses his unique palette to raise awareness in the midst of disarray and misguidance, whether it be in politics or within ourselves and our homes. The folk nature of his music gives the message a heartfelt and intimate voice, while the hip-hop-inspired rhythms provide that extra engagement with the listener to really plug them in to what they’re hearing.


Dustin Thomas is singer-songwriter from the North who bridges melodic elements of folk/hip-hop storytelling with beatbox drops that you can dance to. Writing songs for the times, DT is known worldwide for his captivating and unifying performances and his soulfully crafted sing-a-longs. As an advocate for both social and environmental justice, Dustin Thomas uses his platform to inspire both awareness and consciousness about important issues and has has performed hundreds of shows in dozens of countries all around the world on his mission of using music as a bridge for bringing social and environmental awareness around the world.





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