Rob Drabkin “Oh My (It’s a Good Life)”


With a video that captures nostalgia and stunning landscape visuals that accompany this soft and sweet song.  For me this video and song combination brings to mind a commercial style that is involved with brands that have a positive stance on the environment such as Patagonia.  One major positive from “Oh My (It’s A Good Life)” for me was the percussion track that doesn’t simply give a backbeat on two and four the whole time but instead carries a more dramatic rhythmic quality which I found just as refreshing as the landscapes in the video.  This style is like a detox for the soul, I highly recommend you check out Rob Drabkin “Oh My (It’s a Good Life)”.

Although his musical talents make it easy to believe he’s always been a full-time musician, Rob Drabkin studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with the intention of becoming a doctor. His focus quickly changed after a trip to New York City where he dropped science and dedicated himself to music. Rob notes, “I had never sung a single note in my life up until that night. I didn’t want to spend my life working in science. I had a lot of work to do to get caught up.” After writing a batch of songs, he took to Denver’s music scene quickly and set his career in motion. His most recent album, “Beautiful Day” teaches us to get up, get out and find something beautiful in every moment. On his latest album Rob reflects, “We too often forget that love is ever-present. We share it with each other through laughter, smiles, and sympathy. We can find it in everything and we can also create it in the smallest, most unassuming moments of our lives. All we can do is keep being kind and have the courage to choose love in every decision we make.”  Beautiful Day follows Rob’s 2017 single, “Someday,” which has accumulated over three million plays on Spotify from listeners around the world. Although the Colorado native has an impressive list of musical achievements, this album serves as a new plateau with new possibilities for Rob.

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