“We Drove To Malibu” and the pacific coast highway is one of the best drives

Take the rest of the day out of Hollywood or San Fernando and drive Topanga Canyon to the coast and get some of those amazing Pacific Coast vibes.  A combination of familiar block chords, strong vocal production, catchy lyrics, and programmed drums that are in line with the current pop production style.  A romance song from one s/o to another about the magic one feels when they get away from the world to taste the salt air and blow of steam.  I’ve driven the pacific coast highway many times and it is a true dream to be able to breath in the air every day.  Los Angeles is the capital of sunshine, surfing, and good times and this song is the perfect sales pitch for the SoCal lifestyle.

Binoy is a fast rising singer/songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. He was born and raised in Kenya and began playing piano and saxophone from an early age. He later took up songwriting when he attended university in London, England. He writes standout pop records in the style of

megastars such as Taylor SwiftFleetwood MacLorde, and Shawn Mendes.

He is a graduate of the Los Angeles Recording school and is currently focused on writing and producing his own musical output. Being inspired by a multitude of genres and artists one of Binoy’s biggest ambitions is to fuse pop music with as many other styles as possible. He effortlessly blends together blues, and rock with digital and live instruments to create a sound uniquely his own.

This desire to push musical boundaries was inspired by his experiences of playing classical piano and jazz saxophone, which today allow him to approach his craft as both a songwriter and all round musician.

Now, following the release of his critically acclaimed debut EP ‘This Time It’s Personal’, Binoy is currently working on a series of singles that draw direct inspiration from 80s synth-pop and modern EDM with the aim of creating standout, catchy, and radio-ready pop that has genuine lyrical depth.

The latest single from Binoy comes in the form of the brilliant ‘We Drove To Malibu’. With this track he marries all the styles and genres he loves and in doing so he takes listeners on a true musical journey. Fans looking to escape will fall in love with Binoy and his eclectic fuse of

genres which combine to create a sonically pleasing piece of music.

Self writing and producing the whole track, Binoy showcases the breadth of musical talent he has to offer the world. It’s not very often you come across an artist who is equally talented in all aspects of the music creating process but Binoy proves himself to be a rare talent with his latest offering.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘We Drove To Malibu‘, Binoy says: “The track was entirely self-written and self-produced. It was written for and about my two best friends, one of whom is a series regular on the Netflix Original Series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”.

This is an artist who has all the ingredients needed to become a major chart success and ‘We Drove To Malibu’ is just the beginning of his journey to the top.

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