ORKID’s new single “Hands” is beautiful like, well, and orchid

Sweden’s female wunderkind, Orkid, is turning the feels up to 11 with her new single, “Hands,” while tackling the subject matter of a loved one’s unexpected departure. The immediate disbelief, the questions of ‘what now?’, the frustration, and the overarching despair of loss are conveyed through somber mid-range vocals and fluttering falsettos, back by a warm and brooding piano. A string section enters for the latter half to add a new layer of warmth, while subtly-executed radio and static effects reflect the shattering feelings explored within the composition. Concluding with nothing more than a closing lyric spoken after the music has stopped, “Hands” leaves as stripped away as it entered. Aptly named, “Hands” will definitely keep you warm against the harsh cold of a December morning.


The 21-year-old lives in Stockholm—the capital of pop—but grew up listening to Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke. These contrasting influences manifest in ORKID’s ability to be both on-trend and mature beyond her years. At only 16, she used the Idol stage to transition from performing small town gigs to playing on an international stage. In the next three years, ORKID completed her education, improved her songwriting and stage presence and developed into one of Sweden’s most exciting artist exports.




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