The Afro Nick just dropped “Don’t Waste My Time”, and he means it!

As eclectic and confident as his hair, The Afro Nick’s latest track, “Don’t Waste My Time,” is a driving, anthemic party anthem arriving just in time for your Friday night. As at home in a hopping bar as it would be in a TV spot that needs indie party rock, this track’s simple lyrics say it all- he’s here for just one night, and you’d better not waste his time! Fuzzy guitars and bass alongside explosive drums set the backdrop for Nick’s swagger-rock vocals, and a fiery guitar solo adds the finishing touches to this cranial adrenaline shot. Turn the volume up to 10, because no one ever said it has to be the weekend to have a good time!


The Afro Nick draws on his experiences as a child growing up on Crete, a Greek island situated between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. His earliest musical memories were of gypsies playing their guitars for coins on the Venetian cobblestone streets. In 2009 he formed “Stray Blue” and toured throughout Crete, premiering one of the first Indie-Rock band tours on the island. Known for his wild, expressive hair—which incidentally serves as his namesake—it symbolizes an uninhibited freedom, a tangible representation of childhood rebellion extended into adulthood. His true audiences are the disenfranchised and marginalized, those who “don’t really fit within the normal flow of society, those who seek music as an outlet.” Now based in Brooklyn, he offers audiences the chance to experience his Indie-Rock sound and stirring lyrics, expressed with breathless urgency—offering broad appeal through a uniquely distinctive sound.


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