Erina, “Interlude (I Love You)”, words are optional

Man, is this is a song to get lost in on a December morning… The 9th track off of Olympia, Washington-based Erina’s 2nd album, “Birdie,” “Interlude (I Love You)” is the result of an in-studio improvisation by frontwoman Jessie Branch. From the lively opening arpeggio, it’s immediately clear that this song is a pure stream of unadulterated consciousness. The quick melodic runs lift your heart like a swift breeze before the grand spaces between delicate chords place you back on the ground. Branch sings sweetly of love in all forms with a warm confidence that conjures images of a jazz lounge just after closing. The chord changes are simple, the jazzy elements are subtle, but everything about this song just feels like emotion in raw form. So let Erina carry you away in a whirlwind of lovely memories and daydreams on this cold December morning. You’ve got time.


Erina is a band out of Olympia, Washington that plays jazzy, soulful indie rock. Their music is emotion-filled, rockin’, and will probably make you dance and cry in the same set. Erina’s music has made it all over the world, and their second album came out on November 30, 2018.


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