*OUT TODAY* Matt Hansen, “Love I Couldn’t Show”

Fresh off the griddle for your Thursday afternoon is Matt Hansen’s debut single, “Love I Couldn’t Show.” While this new take on the age-old tale of missed connections and unspoken feelings is quite a contemporary rock piece in principle, in reality I’ve struggled to place this into one single genre. The tremolo-laden intro is straight out of Rob Scallon’s toolkit and is topped with breath-y but confident harmonized vocal hits. It then explodes into a full-band intro complete with a twangy guitar solo that’d be perfectly at home on a Keith Urban or Florida Georgia Line single. Hansen’s sweet falsetto we heard in the intro gives way to full-bodied high notes in the chorus, allowing the 18-year-olds maturity and skill to shine through. Rounding out the mix are full drums, prominent piano accompaniment, and a generally well-mixed and 3-dimensional sound that may make you forget that this is Hansen’s debut.


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, 18 year old Matt Hansen, a freshman in the Herb Alpert School of Music at UCLA looks to make his mark on the Los Angeles music scene with his debut single, “Love I Couldn’t Show.” Years of experience singing Pop, Rock and Soul speak volumes to his ownership of the power ballad. Matt channels a style similar to that of Shawn Mendes, with hints of Ed Sheeran and Coldplay. The emotional fragility of “Love I couldn’t show,” with its atmospheric guitar and soaring vocal delivery, showcases an introspective story of unfulfilled love. Matt Hansen shows promise, worth a listen!



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