Wyland, “Nowhere Now”

“Nowhere Now” is the new single from New Jersey-based indie rock group Wyland, and the first track released from their upcoming 2019 EP. A well-produced and easily digested rock tune, “Nowhere Now” tells the age-old story of deferred dreams, being a big fish in a small pond, and feeling like you’re going nowhere fast. Wyland’s songwriting marries small-town angst with the confidence of someone who’s only option is to make it big in the world. The instrumentals and production quality show remarkable skill and maturity for a band that’s only 3-years-old, resulting in a full-bodied indie sound reminiscent of Coldplay and The Lumineers. Give them a listen on your Tuesday afternoon, and let Wyland take you to wherever “nowhere” is in your life.


Vocalist Ryan Sloan says on the track, “I wrote the chorus to this song while in a hotel room in Austin, TX. The band was out on the streets of SXSW and I isolated myself to work out this melody in my head. The verses came to life right before we left for Ireland. I was working a pretty horrible job at a prison in Hudson County, New Jersey where the rest of the song came pouring out. I don’t want to tell you specifically what the tune means to me because then it would become that for you. So instead, let the song speak for itself and your interpretation is all that matters.”




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