Emma Miller “Merry Go Round”

This song is chill and the repetitive nature of the melody accompanied with the layering of the instrumentals gives great prosody to the sensation of being  in a circular motion on a “Merry Go Round”.  Coupled with an excellent video that shows songstress Emma Miller going through her daily motions in a lackadaisical and dreamy way.  The music video is dark which gives the impression that the song is written from a place of emotional angst.  The palm muted guitar ticks on like a clock as though she is patiently waiting for the circles she’s been going in to stop.  Despite this she says she will not be waiting for the motions to come to pass, instead she will take control of her situation and make the most of herself.  “Merry Go Round”s arrangement is full of layers of vocals, guitars, percussion, and synthesizers to name a few.  Emma Miller is for fans of; Joni Mitchell, Matt Maltese, The Staves, and Mikaela Davis.  Please find attached below a brief artist biography!


Pushing the boundaries between sophisticated pop and alternative folk, soaring melodies and ethereal harmonies help to create the rich sound of Emma Miller.

Leaving the rolling hills of the north east of Scotland in 2014 for the smoky haze of London, Emma quickly found herself swept up in the vibrant music scene. She released her debut single in 2017 to much critical acclaim, including support from The 405 and BBC Radio 6. Her knack at delivering effortless vocals and dynamic songwriting have led to comparisons with the likes of The Staves and Joni Mitchell.

As well as recently selling out her first headline show, she has already been fortunate enough to work with the likes of India Bourne (Tender Central, Ben Howard band, Ry X band) and Tim Elsenberg (Mercury nominated band Sweet Billy Pilgrim).

She is currently writing, recording and preparing the release of her debut EP.

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