Gorgeous Tunes right before Memorial Day

Please give some love to the main playlist, a like, etc. it’s growing and it features some of the best new mostly underground tunes of chill gorgeous music for your enjoyment. Please read the following blurbs about some of this weeks choices ❤ – head chef

p.s. feel free to go out of order, i just went in the order they were sent.

“Rooster’s Blue” Ethan Wayne, a western guitar-driven sensual tune. Mellow and lovely with some extreme guitar wizardry around 3:10 in. The daydream you need to wrap up your day.

Kate Harquail “My Walls” is a singer-songwriter with a backing band that really gets her and her atmospheric reflective style. Deeply romantic and very sweet, give “My Walls” by love it deserves. Reminiscent of It Still Moves the MMJ record for me.

Bear’s Den “Summer & Smoke” is a sweet psychedelic track with some unsettling harmonic textures to match the lost lyrical themes.

Jake Aaron’s “The Crossing (Main Theme)” is a sweet and lush tune complete with gorgeous strings and organ melodies to keep you entertained. It’s a song that reminds me of traveling to new places in a way that’s relaxing and soothing. Gorgeous tune indeed.

Desert Mambas’ “Buzz Cut Blues” is a self-deprecating introspective set of lyrics set to an intimately strummed acoustic guitar. A very coming age of vibe that picks up in arrangement and vibe.

Ships Have Sailed’s “Silence” is a lovely tune with well-produced atmospheric textures that are soothing and reflective. The soft four on the floor is reminiscent for me of grammy winning record Morning Phase.

Handsome and the Humbles’s “Nice Things” is a raw and lo-fi intimate garage rock ballad. Great songwriting and reflective melancholic lyrics make for a heart warming listen. Loving them backing and vocals.

Martin Luke Brown’s “see u later x” is a cinematic singer-songwriter track. The vocal doubles are larger than life and the melody writing and little instrumental hooks are perfectly produced.

Clare Siobhan’s “Flare” is a narrative-driven singer-songwriter track with a backing band that really understands how to treat dynamics in a way that is wonderful to listen to. The ukulele really drives this one home for me.

B. Miles’s “Wide Eyed” is a sweet track with atmospheric qualities. The soothing and relaxing production is really gorgeous to an extent that is really saying something even for this round-up. Big 90s vibes on this.

Maya Elise and the Good Dream come together to make “Algodones Dunes”, a dreamy and foreign indie track that features lush atmospheric textures and a rhythm that rises and falls like you’d expect dunes too. Really next-level writing here. That violin solo is so good.

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