Brandon McLaughlin’s “Highway Daydream”

Brandon McLaughlin “Highway Daydream” is a mysterious alt-rock track with one of the sickest album covers I’ve seen in a long way. “Highway Dream” combines tasteful math-rock grooves with writing styles made popular by the iconoclastic anti-hair rock of the 90s. Dreamy add9 and seventh chords create a sense of unease in the harmony that is spiritual and awesome.

Artist quote;

“Written after a bad breakup, and finding sobriety. I wrote this to describe my journey to realizing that I’m better off on my own, looking forward to healing and finding closure by letting go. Heavily influenced by grunge bands of the ’90s and post-hardcore 2000’s sounds. It features a wall of guitar sounds that are split wide open by a piercing lead guitar solo during the outro jam!”

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