Mike Dunbar “Starting Gun”

Mike Dunbar’s “Starting Gun” is a song all about feeling behind your peers. It’s hard to not relate to this song in the era of social media where you’re a musician and songwriter trying to live out your dreams but also watching people you grew up with move on with their lives, get jobs, get a house, and have kids. It’s a song as old as time and the best part about Mike Dunbar’s songwriting is how every line relates back to the main theme. The best part about the production for me was how rooted in heartland rock it is which gives “Starting Gun” a sort of Bruce Springsteen charm. Well done Mike, looking forward to hearing more and more!


Fun fact… I’ve known Mike since we went to adjacent high schools in New England and we’ve shared the stage a few times. Always good to hear from an old peer and performers are always better when you’ve got the personal connection, imo.

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