Gorgeous Songs – Playlist Pt. 1

Part of a brand new and exciting ongoing series of gorgeous songs found through blogging. Spotify playlist to every song but then individual write ups below that!

One Adam One “Where Do I Begin” is a soft and soothing tune that drifts around the room in a way that will lull the listener to sleep or into a trance. It’s nostalgic and based strongly in narrative and imagery. “Where Do I Begin” is for small town folks with big hearts. A love song for the great west. Lush textures and soothing vocals will make you fall in love with “Where Do I Begin” by One Adam One.

Alex Nicol “Been A Long Year” is a soft and relaxing tune with a nostalgic set of lyrics for a time before the ghost town days of the new decade. The enchanting and mystical harmonic textures and instrumental section are lovely. If you’re looking for something touching and sweet but also haunting check out “Been A Long Year”

“Satellite” is a beautifully performed commercial synth-driven track that is reminiscent of some of my favorite Coldplay tracks. One of the more rhythmically driven tracks this whimsical piece builds on itself while some gorgeous visuals go on in the backdrop. A song that keeps your heart young while stargazing into the night. Super romantic tune, love it.

Rosie Darling / Boy in Space “Nail in the Coffin” was a nostalgic and melancholic track set in some gorgeous landscapes. Atmospheric synths swell around a singer-songwriter production. A song that would translate so well between a singular piano and performer but a stadium stage wouldn’t be so far off with a thousand camera flashlights in the air.

“where do you go now?” is a song by Erika Wester that is reflective, atmospheric, and introspective. The ballad combines jangly guitar lines and the chorus is memorable and reminds me of sad midnight drives. This one would be a great one for fans of the artist girlhouse.

“Birdsong” by Terrible Sons is a sweet and nostalgic tune with raw and organic production. The setting is so intimate and sweet in “Birdsong” it gives off a sort of cinematic Disney warmth that I love.

“Mountain Road” by Bad Flamingo is an intimate and edgily sensual tune with a solid combination of grit and beauty. The tremolo baritone guitar, or at least that what I think it is, sounds super good and gives a base to the track. No surprises this song makes me want to be in the mountains, I feel like this song is Colorado.

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