“The Basement” by Blondes

“The Basement” by Blondes is super fun and very adorable indie rock track. The accompanying music video is filled with homegrown indie charm and lighthearted friendship. Nottingham’s indie-rock troubadours Blondes have now announced plans for their next EP ‘In Seperation’, showcased by the soaring new single “The Basement”. The suspended chords and sentimental-sounding melodies support a soothing vocal performance that is made energetic by a sixteenth-note hi-hat pattern. Well described as eutrophic and nostalgic.

Band quote  “Our new EP ‘In Separation’ is a collection of songs written and recorded over the past two years. It’s a project that explores the ways in which we become disconnected from one another, taking you on an emotional journey through separation to reconciliation. It speaks to the ways we live with and without each other. We feel it reflects more of the breadth of our songwriting than our first project, with us having matured a little both personally and musically since ‘Coming of Age’ and our ‘Out the Neighbourhood’ EP.”

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