supergloom “Old Friend”

supergloom “Old Friend” was a dope track with trippy vocal processing and gorgeous vocal harmonies that accompany a driving rock instrumental. Gives strong Sir Sly vibes coupled with some raw garage rock aspects that are driving and fun!

Artist Quote: “”Old Friend” came out of a writing session at a beautiful outdoor large park in San Marino. From there the song was brought to the whole band and transformed into a rocker. This song was produced by Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder and is the first single from our upcoming 2nd EP.”


Waiting for the Day (stripped down version) ✨ #supergl00m #waitingfortheday #fenderrhodes #fyp #liveperformance @voltivsound @haveabirthdaywhydontyou

♬ original sound – supergl00m

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