Puma June “Glass Curtain”

Puma June “Glass Curtain” is a soothing track with atmospheric vibes and gorgeous piano and instrumental lines that support a light vocal. The music video is intimate, dark, and deeply sensual. Lyrically inspired by previous family trauma “Glass Curtain” is such a fitting name for a song inspired by feeling helpless in a situation you can only watch without helping. Despite the place of sadness, this song must’ve come from there is something very relaxing and soothing about the performance.

Artist quote “This song started as an apology to my siblings for how much pain they felt, and my own feeling of helplessness to take that hurt away. It grew into more of a call for us to come together and let [it all] go”


The concept for “Glass Curtain” – something being hidden in plain sight – was initially inspired by an image of Steve Lacy looking through a clear beaded curtain, shot by Aiden Cullen. My sister, brother and I didn’t have an easy childhood, and as we have grown, the realities of that time have weighed us down. The truth can feel heavy when it’s been buried for so long. This song is about shedding that weight together, and the metamorphosis that is inevitable with the passing of time. It is a rebirth to a better understanding of ourselves; After all, we cannot let go of a weight we do not know we carry. Thank you for all the love so far. Keep listening and watching and sharing ❤️ #torontornb #torontomusician #torontosinger #newmusicfriday #torontoproducer #torontoartist

♬ original sound – pumajune


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