Midcard “BMI”

Midcard “BMI” is a great song that for first-time listeners sits really next to artists PUP or Sorority Noise. Bouncy and quirky with melodic guitars supported by power chords and the controlled yet driving rhythms are par along with the poetic, introspective and vulnerable lyrics. “BMI” lyrically is all about forgiveness which makes sense that it’s on their comeback EP “Forgiveness”.

Artist Quote “This is the lead single from an upcoming EP called ‘Forgivenessness’ due out the April 15. The song is lyrically about learning to love both your mind and your body, understanding that both make up who you are, and that you are more than just the sum of your problems and failures. This is a comeback of sorts for the band. The last live show we played was 2019. This EP marks our proper return to the world, and will be played live extensively.”


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