Mary Middlefield “Case Closed”

Mary Middlefield’s “Case Closed” is a very bittersweet and gorgeous song about unrequited love set to a scenic music video shot entirely on an iPhone. The music video captures Mary in her home area of the Swiss Alps among her home and in the bath which adds to the vulnerability of “Case Closed” which is the final track from her recent album ‘Thank You, Alexander’. If you’re into something soft and sweet but also melancholic you should give “Case Closed” a stream.

The publicist summed it up really well with the following quote “We are fortunate to live in a time filled with singer-songwriters who turn their pain and joy of their personal lives into art. Mary’s voice and vision are marked by the richness and complexity of her folkloric compositions mixing rock, pop and classical musical influences”. Indeed we are lucky to be living in the same time period as songwriters such as Mary.

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