girlhouse “you don’t think about me”

girlhouse “you don’t think about me” is the next step in the artists career with the announcement of the new EP ‘THE FOURTH EP’, OUT MAY 4TH!!!! Very exciting stuff! I had the pleasure of seeing girlhouse open for Sabrina Carpenter and I gotta recommend you check out the show and go buy a shirt because Lauren Luiz is very sweet and so real, although no “Knuckle Tattoos”. She’s had success with syncs with Mazda, Switch and Pixar and shows at SXSW, girlhouse has got my vote and listen! Can’t wait to hear the EP!

Artist Quote “Inspired by social anxiety and my hyper fixation on understanding and putting meaning to everything! I go down rabbit holes in my head trying to fix everything I’ve ever done wrong or stupid things I’ve said, to the point where it almost feels egotistic. It drives me nuts and it’s a constant battle for me. In this song I’m talking about a falling out I had with someone that I couldn’t figure out why they do or say the things that they do. I had to stop myself because, “there is no way this person is putting as much energy into figuring this out as I am right now!!” And I dropped it. I’m getting better at learning when to walk away and that’s been a hard journey for me.”

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