Heavy Sleeper “Drain”

Heavy Sleeper debuts their music video “Drain” in anticipation of their EP Chime out on 4/14 as an independent release. Mixed by Max Grazier and Jason Inguagiato and mastered by Jason Inguagiato this gorgeous yet heavy shoegaze alternative track features a scenic music video that will have you pining for summer spent outdoors with the top-down blasting this modern rock track. There is a certain darkness that I find enchanting about this song with all its scenery there is still the hauntingness of the vocal melody and the sludgy rhythms that compliment the lyrics which are both philosophical and introspective.

All the same
It’s what these days will bring
I saw you last time I was above the dirt
This Hell isn’t lonely, it’s Heaven on Earth
And I’m drained, breathing in fumes
Can’t wait to be renewed
Horrified at what I’ve become
You would be too
When all you seek is pleasure
It’s hard to see things through
You saw the Earth in me
I let it burn
Don’t stop haunting me
Start and stop at nothing
Fading empathy
Don’t change

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