Hump day jamzzz

New music is good for the soul, listen to one or listen to all of these tracks!

Fritz Hager “Two Step”, lyrically on point and while it skews a little far into the commercial world for music you’d typically find on Hot Lunch this track was just so well done and so infectious that I couldn’t ignore it! If you want to feel good you’ll listen to this song.

“MOTIONS” Johnny Cisneros is an atmospheric song with some gorgeous lush harmonies, if you’re in the mood to be tripped out on some slow motion psychedelic rock look no further!

Angus Wayne “Blacksheep”, it’s quirky, its psychedelic, and its got hella backing vocals. If you’re looking for organic indie that goes the extra mile. I’m way into the vocal arrangement here!

FNTN “Mediterranean Hands”, a groovy indie track with a driving beat that is perfectly compressed and will really slam in your headphones. If you’re looking for the type of song that you dance alone in your room to this could definitely fit the bill.

“**it gets better” by Martin Luke Brown is a hopeful track that will pick you up out of your bad mood. A song to dance like no ones watching to down the sidewalk. The vocal performance is raw and intimate but the production is polished and easy to listen to.

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