Hump Day Jams!

Listen to one, listen to all, new music is good for the soul….the overall vibe of this list is chill, relaxing, and nostalgic!

“Happiness” by Sumaroo is a well-produced track with super dry drums, reverberated big open-chord electric guitars, and soothingly strummed acoustic guitars. Lyrically introspective and featuring a great music video accompaniment “Happiness” by Sumaroo is the uplifting track you need!

“Fly Away” by Atomic Bronco is a lovely intimate mellow listen with super dry drums and a daydream feel to it. The soft vocal performance really ties everything together. If you’re looking for a break from real life check out “Fly Away”.

“Cool” by also-ran is a rock track filled to the brim with 90s nostalgia. The dynamic variation and familiar instrumentation with some anthemic lyrics make for a dope listen.

“Strange Rehab” by Verboten is a trippy little psych-pop tune with a few production similarities to bands like ELO. The intimate production and lo-fi vibes are super cool!

“Severed Hands” by Ghost Party is a dope track with a mellow attitude and soothing vocals layered on top of chill harmonies. If you’re into something whimsical to lull you into a daydream check out “Severed Hands”.

“Half Made” by Mark Stoney and the Denizen Hum is a relaxing ballad of a track that is is half psych-pop and half indie folk for those really looking for something chill and mellow to relax them.

“tiny bottles” by Little Champion is a cool track with a super whimsical vibe to it. If you’re into something that makes you feel like a kid again from both the production and writing check out “tiny bottles”

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