“D.C.” Leon in the Wild

“D.C.” Leon in the Wild is a great indie rock track with lush harmonies and familiar instrumentation. The raw production is charming and the pad synths are whimsical. Tinged with the perfect amount of 90s pop rock writing “D.C.” is a great track for any fans fo the Shins or Built to Spill!

Artist Bio

From his house near the sunny beaches of Northern California, Leon in the Wild has been quietly creating indie rock/indie pop music with influences ranging from super-bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys to 90s heroes like Grandaddy, Sparklehorse, and Built to Spill. “I’ve always made music while staying in the background,” says Leon. “I’ve always been the guitarist, the producer/engineer, the person mixing/mastering, background vocalist, etc. This is my first step into the wild as myself. 

With his debut singles “Fade” and “You Can Leave a Mess in Here,” Leon was featured on various reputable blogs, IndieShuffle’s Best Songs of 2020 playlist, and FloodFM Aaron Axelsen’s New Music Mixtape. Latest singles “Track Shoes” and “Powerlines” continued to gain attention through features on SmallAlbums BST TRKS of 2022, Glide Magazine, Give it a Spin, The New LoFi, and Obscure Sound, among many others reputable blogs. After a short hiatus, Leon is now set to release an EP on cassette and digitally through Recorded Psychic Readings (Bay Area, CA indie label). The EP cassette and digital release will include six songs: three previously released songs and three new songs.”

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