Hump Day Jamzz

Great music is good for the soul, listen to one or all of them!

“For You” Mike Derrick, slow drives during the summer with a joint. A festival dancing in slow motion while you jam out in a muddy dance pit. An epiphany and a catalyst are all things I feel when I listen to “For You” by Mike Derrick. The guitar work and falsetto harmonies are amazing.

“Come Back” High Mom, High Dad, a chill jam with an easy tempo and catchy vocal hook. Good bridge between rock and roll and country here that takes it easy on itself and you. Very coming of age movie vibes.

“Cheap Champagne” Wild Cheap, cool jam with some R&B influence and a fun set of lyrics that stick with you. For me, the winner line was “if I break your heart do I win it?” Lush harmonic textures and some James Bond cinematic vibes.

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