Hump Day Jamzzz

New music is good for the soul, check out one or check out all of these jams!

“Random Boy” by Edie Yvonne, it’s a relaxed vibe coupled with a vocal double that gives off this sort of edgy don’t care vibe which is super redeeming. Couple that with a pulsing beat and you’ve got a great hit. This one plays with the rhythmic feel which keeps the listener engaged.

“Origins” Elskavon, vibey digital production with lovely synth work that builds on itself for the duration of the track. Give it a spin if you’re feeling like getting psychedelic.

“Grime Glob” Obi Denim, garage rock with an edge that you can cut yourself on. This is playing in a dive bar with $1 PBRs or in a basement venue with holes in the wall. Very dope vibe.

“Minnesota Seems Nice” Moozy, this is a good track to get baked too, and wonder what Minnesota is all about. Big pop rock vibes that are a combination of Tom Petty meets Coast Modern meets Still Woozy, at least that’s what I hear. Give it a spin and make up your own mind!

Tribe & King “The Basement” is a heartfelt organic track with a gorgeous and lush harmony. Go on down nostalgia avenue with this tune. Easily the prettiest song on this blog’s weekly list.

“All My Love” is an uplifting rock ballad that kicks ass. Big Sunset Strip vibes with this banger. The vocalists are fucking killer with the use of vocal fry.

“Bullet Dance” it’s a trippy bouncy track that takes some artistic risk and combines a wide range of influences such as blues and house music and even includes a children’s choir. This has such a unique vibe it’s so wonderful to hear artists take big risks and pull them off!

“Come Back” Bronze Groover, I wish Beck still made music like this. It’s a hot day in LA and you’re getting a taco while you’re sweating out of your skin. Such a great vibe. Love the use of pads and backing vocals to create a really great chorus that pushes the lyrical narrative.

“Lucky Penny” Joh Chase, a gorgeous track with lush harmony and a laid-back feel. Another new Kill Rock Stars signing and one we’re sure will pay off. Don’t miss this chance to say you heard Joh Chase when they debuted!

“Cruisin'” The Moonjacks is a dope driving garage rock track that is just positive vibes all the way. Top-down bang your head in the summer vibes which checks out since the name of the song is “Cruisin'”. I’d love to slam dance stoned to this band in a basement by the beach.

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