“Black Top White Lines” Chris Shiflett

“Black Top White Lines” Chris Shiflett is a song destined for Nashville Broadway and long drives through the desert with the sunroof down blasting some great rock n roll country mix. Chris Shiflett is one of those rockstars that ages like wine or in this case probably more like whiskey. Bang your head but wear a cowboy hat is what you’ll get with “Black Top White Lines”.

““Black Top White Lines” is the first listen from a brand new Chris Shiflett album due out in 2023 via his new label home at Blue Élan Records, the Los Angeles-based independent label celebrating its 9th anniversary this year. Fans will hear more about the Jaren Johnston-produced LP in the coming months but can count on hearing an album that represents Shiflett’s fully-realized vision of connecting L.A. to Nashville. “A big part of my inspiration to work with Jaren on this record was because I knew he’d push me out of my comfort zone into new territory,” Shiflett says.”

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