Skinny Dippers “I Just Died In Your Arms”

Skinny Dippers’ “I Just Died In Your Arms” is a cover of the classic tune by Cutting Crew. Produced by the group Toledo this Brooklyn-based team has a very cool niche style that bridges soft rock and alternative in a soothing way that I love because you can still rock out to it but you can also chill out to it.

Skinny Dippers is the operating name of Brooklyn artist Ryan Gross who has a place between alternative and soft rock. Skinny Dippers’ original music can be described as whimsical and lyrically introspective. If you enjoy this cover you might like songs like “I would Like to Say I’ve Always Loved You” or “Through Tryin'” are my personal favorites.

Go see Skinny Dippers at Arlenes Grocery February 12th!

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