Hump Day Feb 1st 2023 Jamz

Happy hump day, new music is good for the soul, listen to one or better yet listen to them all!


“Dance With Me Darlin'” by Dawson Gamble is a fun driving pop-rock track with a super compelling vocal performance that keeps the vocalist pushing out the energy. Add some gorgeous flairs in the melody and you’ve got a lovely energetic pop-rock track for your hump day. You’ll be going “oh oh oh-oh” from the first chorus on!

“If I Ever” by Conor Maynard is a sensual pop track with a groovy lyric video to boot. The pulsing rhythms make for a very cool club feel. “If I Ever” fits really well next to Conan Gray or Max on a playlist. I think this is the first time I’ve heard Conor Maynard and I love the vocal fry in some of the more intense moments, makes for a really emotionally intense listen.

The Minks “Creatures of Culture” is a hard-hitting pop-rock track with a grunge-influenced edge that pushes it into the alternative world. Add some surfy guitars and pounding drums and you’ve got a track that fits really well between Soccer Mommy and Best Coast.

“Glimmerings” by GoGo Penguin is a soothing and sentimental track with a very organic production that I found charming and welcoming. The piano playing is whimsical and overall this track just puts me right into a daydream.

Kate Harquail “Sweaters” is a deeply intimate and raw track with some gorgeous but gentle harmonies. “Sweaters” is written about dealing with trauma and slowly unpacking the trauma in a way that is healing which is apparent in the sonic qualities that are sweet and gentle. If you’re needing some comfort check out “Sweaters”.

“This One’s for You” by Mary Middlefield is a fun pop-rock track that is both whimsical and driving. The harmonies are sweet and the octave guitar fills are familiar and well-placed. The vocal performance is breathy but the drums are active and consistently accenting beats that keep the song driving. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of daydream and dance check out “This One’s for You” by Mary Middlefield.

The Natural Lines’s “A Scene That Will Never Die” is a cool track with a great accompanying video that appears to be hand drawn though it changes axis in a way that draws the viewer in. The songwriting is familiar and the rhythm is consistent and pulsing. “A Scene That Will Never Die” is a cool cinematic and driving track, check it out!

“elsie” by Martin Luke Brown is a pulsing daydream of a folk song. Martin’s debut album – ‘damn, look at the view !’ will be released on May 19th 2023. The combination of organic harmonic instruments and digital 808s is a winning combination in today’s indie world. If you’re looking for something new that isn’t more Still Woozy or Toledo check out “elsie”.

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