Easy Bear, Estella Dawn, Petting Zoo, Mashville

Listening to new music is good for the soul, check out one or check out all of the following tunes!

Easy Bear – if you’re looking for a powerful vocal performance with some pop-punk drive meeting larger-than-life backing vocals. Lyrically compelling and powerful all-around check out “I’m a Mess” by Easy Bear. If the lead vocalist from Treble Charger sang a song written by Mumford and Sons and produced by Motion City Soundtrack, a combination of some of my favorites!

Estella Dawn is a more commercial track with an intimate vocal performance and ambient atmospheric digital production. “Not A Problem” is a vulnerable track that has west coast pop vibes all around.

Petting Zoo – “Comfortable” is a cool organic meets drum machine pop rock track. Some sunny lazy day in Santa Monica vibes for those of us stuck in offices in dreary New York. Such a cool vibe with “Comfortable” and a great fast paced vocal performance.

Mashville – “Disinformation” is a hard-hitting rock track with a powerful and edgy vocal performance that hits those high notes that pull your soul into the song. Warped Tour vibes in this if you’re in need of that throw your body around pop-punk energy to get you through the day. Really hot lyrics performed intensely, always a winning combination!

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