Adam Spry “Rotten Mausoleum”

Adam Spry “Rotten Mausoleum” is a psychedelic pop song with unique rhythmic qualities and well-crafted melodic guitar lines that is laid over a trippy video where Adam adorns multiple styles to convey the message of the song and the Rome trip that inspired the song and video. “Rotten Mausoleum” is a fantastic track with a style of songwriting that production wise conforms to a certain social construct but in terms of actual arrangement really is its own unique thing, “Rotten Mausoleum” combines a lot of elements from artists I know and love that I’m not 100% on comparing to any particular artist, at least not for this song.

If I had to I’d say Sgt. Pepper in the modern day with a bit of Kevin Parker and My Morning Jacket.

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