First new year post!

New music is good for the soul, listen to one, listen to all!

Fai Laci “Sinking”, really cool Coast Modern vibes with some trippy rhythmic changes that make for a really unique listening experience. Give it a listen!

In Between Years, this is a dark track with a really cool harmony, overall it skews closer to Progressive rock then we tend to share but if you go here you’ll find a really great accompanying music video. Definitely worth checking out!

Bubble Tea and Cigarettes “Happiness” gave me some serious Crumb vibes with its jazz harmony and light sonic qualities. Really in love with how comfortable this sound makes me feel.

Plastic Harpoons “One Step” was a really heartfelt organic track, love this vibe, super organic folksy rock but not country more like My Morning Jacket. Definitely a campfire song to my ears!

CITRUS, this track gave me some serious Superheaven vibes from Tooth and Nail! If you’re into walls of guitar then look no further!

Bedon, a really well produced indie pop track who’s harmony harkens back to bands like Phoenix and Neon Trees. If you like really tight rhythmic feels in indie pop music then this is your jam!

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