Halo Kitsch “daddys girl” “hollywood *starlett”

“hollywood *starlett” by Halo Kitsch is a dark and intense yet sexy track that features an ominous distorted harmony and tense chromatic vocal melodies. If you’re into some very sexy but also potentially violent music you’ll really love “hollywood *starlett” which is made even more manic by the gorgeous piano and soothing vocals that come in suddenly and disappear into the darkness just as fast. Halo Kitsch creates a really incredible production with her music that some will fall in love with and others will probably find too dark. For me I love it, I think its kind of like if The Pretty Reckless and 21 Pilots produced some music and went for dissolving the Hollywood mirage.

“Daddy’s Girl” is a more introspective track than “hollywood *starlett” and it has more of an elegant sophisticated production to it than the hostile tonality. I love how this so very pop but there are some great guitar licks in which is sometimes missing in todays pop. It is worth noting that this is a debut EP that pays homage to HALO KITSCHs her best friend Jillian who passed away in January so if you’re wondering where the pain is coming from when you’re listening.

Thanks for the music Halo, I’m sorry you had to lose a friend but you honor them in a really beautiful way.

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