elison “Covered Me”

elison “Covered Me” is a driving indie rock track that features a cool percussion section and a brooding vocal performance that is supported by a familiar string arrangement of eighth note palm muted power chords. The dynamics rise and fall but the overall vibe is contemplative, reflective and moderately angsty. If you’re into bands such as Soccer Mommy or Girlhouse you’ll really love elison because honestly you probably love discovering bands on their way up and this is the bands fifth release!


Lyrics of our song “covered me” read out loud as if it were poetry…because why not. 🙃 go stream it! #streamit #poetry #lyrics #songwriting #AmazonMusicProudHeroes #slowdown #relationships #MakeNightsEpic #musictok #poem #liesyouweretold

♬ Dreamy – Elijah Lee

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