Skinny Dippers “Night To Day”

Skinny Dippers “Night To Day” is the masterpiece of Ryan Gross who draws from his youth spent on the rocky coast of Maine. “In 2021 Gross enlisted the help of neighbors Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Dan Alvarez of the band TOLEDO to join as collaborators and producers on his debut album The Town & The City. The songs blend Indie-Rock, Folk, and Dream Pop forming a collection of stories about growing up on the rural coast and moving into adulthood in the depths of New York City.” I’ve seen TOLEDO a few times most recently at the Mercury Lounge and it seems like anything they’re involved with is instantly tasteful as far as I’m concerned. Skinny Dippers is racking up press hits for their one-sheet and we’re really looking forward to whats ahead for this group!

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